Matthew Carabott impresses in Top Alcohol Dragster Class

Carabott is perfecting his trade in Malta before competing in the European FIA events.

Matthew Carabott in his Top Alcohol Dragster
Matthew Carabott in his Top Alcohol Dragster

Matthew Carabott ran a time of 5.77 seconds at a speed of 201mph at Hal Far last Saturday.

The goal for Carabott was to clock a time less than six seconds, and he managed to do that.

For a seasoned professional the times are much less today, but for a rookie driver this is a great start.

Speaking to Carabott, he said usually a 5.7 second run would have a speed of 235-245mph, but he managed to do it at only 201mph.

Carabott reached the speed of approx. 245mph after the first 1000ft and had to go off the throttle in his 4000bhp dragster. If Carabott had to continue pressing he would of clocked a better time, but he was very happy already with his final time.

Carabott’s aim is to continue practicing on Malta’s home track and then when he is sure of his time, he will compete in Europe FIA events.

Matthew Carabott
Matthew Carabott

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