Police to hold solidarity march on Saturday, demand respect for wounded cop’s privacy

It will be one of the first shows of force by the Maltese police officers unions, who have urged people to respect the family’s privacy during this difficult time  

Simon Schembri was almost killed when he was run-over my an underage driver (Photo: Facebook)
Simon Schembri was almost killed when he was run-over my an underage driver (Photo: Facebook)

The Malta Police Force has urged the public to respect constable Simon Schembri’s privacy as he continues to receive treatment for life threatening injuries sustained on Tuesday.

Schembri was nearly killed when he was run over by a 17-year-old driver, suffering a collapsed lung and fractures to his pelvis and ribs. Schembri’s right arm had to be amputated below the elbow as a result of the injuries sustained.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the police asked the public to respect Schembri and his family’s privacy.

“The family have undergone several traumatic experiences over the past few days, and the sharing of sensitive information, footages or photos in relation to his case may be detrimental to them,” read the statement.

While the police's statement referred to the general sharing of sensitive information it came shortly after photos of the constable’s mangled arm started to circulate through social media.

Furthermore, the police said investigation was a sensitive one, and that court proceedings were ongoing.

The youth who ran Schembri over was yesterday charged with attempted murder and 22 other charges, including breaching traffic regulations, driving a car without a number plate and recidivism. He was denied bail.

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