Some transgender people 'resorting to prostitution' to fund hormone treatment
Buitoni Semolina contains undeclared soya traces, health directorate warns
Infertile couples lash out at deceitful song that claims to tell 'embryo's story'
Private doctors to write repeat prescriptions for chronic disease sufferers
Church school kids’ waists suffer effects of lower physical activity
New SMS reminder system launched for out patients
Therapists now offering ‘safe space’ tents at parties
Weed: Public health threat or just another habit?
Leukemia medication added to government formulary
Maltese taxpayer will pay Vitals nearly €70 million a year for hospital beds
What’s behind the sudden rise in measles deaths in Europe?
Thousands in Malta suffering over extreme restrictions on medical cannabis, says family doctor
Time spent on echocardiogram waiting list slashed to three months
[WATCH] Type 2 diabetes patients to get free insulin sticks next week
Heatwave on its way, temperatures to soar to 37 degrees
Bathing discouraged at Xemxija following sewage overflow
[WATCH] First sectoral agreement covering ECG technicians signed
Obesity cost Malta €36.3 million in 2016
Amendments to IVF legislation yet to be drafted
Health ministers call on governments for stronger restriction on unhealthy food
Rapidly rising temperatures: how to avoid heat wave effects
New bladder cancer drug on government formulary
Local research on response to medicine cited in reputable scientific journal
Child Commissioner urges for caution in summer months
Breeders, pet owners urged against taking unvaccinated rabbits to l-Imnarja
24% of Maltese started smoking before 15
Keeping up bingeing tradition: Maltese teens tend to drink more than Europeans
Patient organisations call for national pain plan

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