Black Friday sales break Maltese retail records, GRTU says

A survey by the Malta Chamber of Smes confirmed that Black Friday was the best day for retail shops and a record-breaking day for sales

People queuing outside the Forestals establishment in Mriehel slept overnight to be first in line
People queuing outside the Forestals establishment in Mriehel slept overnight to be first in line

A Malta Chamber of SMEs (GRTU) survey has confirmed that Black Friday has broken sales records this year.

85% of retail shop and outlet owners have confirmed that the sales this year were stronger than on Black Friday last year and on any other shopping day of the year. The survey collected responses from over 150 shops and outlets.

The Black Friday tradition, an American tradition where the day after Thanksgiving is regarded as the first day of the Christmas shopping season, and newly adopted by Maltese business owners, has proved popular with Maltese shoppers.

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The GRTU survey concluded that 17% of the respondents participated in the Black Friday activity for the first time this year. This means that they offered special sales and extended their opening hours. 25% of those that did not participate this year said they are seriously considering doing so next year.

GRTU CEO Abigail Mamo said: "From our survey results we can confirm that there was an increase in sales of around 25% on average over last year's Black Friday."

Shop offers varied between 15% to 70% discounts with some even including special gifts with every purchase. 

"58% of respondents have extended their normal shopping hours by opening early, closing later, and staying open throughout the day in order to offer a better service for customers," Mamo said.

She also said that GRTU would continue to closely monitor the responses of the survey to ensure that next year's Black Friday will further benefit both retailers and customers.

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