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[WATCH] Jose Herrera says environment agency nearly ready to launch, a year after announcement
Environment Minister Jose Herrera says that the top tier leadership of the new...
[WATCH] First ever wildlife ambulance inaugurated
The ambulance will allow volunteers to transport animals such as turtles and...
Heritage boss Anton Refalo ducks and dives over declaring his art collection
Members of parliament are not explicitly requested to declare personal items of...
Next MEP election dates confirmed for May 2019
European Parliament elections are expected to take place between 23 and 26 May...
Planning Authority boss Johann Buttigieg touted for position of Lands CEO
Planning Authority chairman Johann Buttigieg is being considered for the...
[WATCH] Justice Minister says he would never hinder the decisions of Attorney General
Labour MP Alex Muscat and Nationalist MP Robert Cutajar discuss the rule of law...
[WATCH] Persons who used up allotted IVF cycles at Mater Dei will be given chance to benefit from new law
Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne assured persons who have...
Shortage of bus drivers a new challenge ahead of summer
The majority of the drivers employed by Malta Public Transport are of Maltese...
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