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Malta police liaising with Spain over Fuentes illegal tuna investigation
Maltese police are liaising with Spain on investigation concerning tuna...
Muscat looks to the future: land reclamation and Gozo as 2030 capital of culture
Muscat says Opposition must approve constitutional amendments proposed by...
IIP regulator wants only MPs to see Maltese golden passport names
Controversial recommendation to please golden passport agents who have demanded...
Republic Day speech 2018: the digested read
The main takeaways from Marie Louise Coleiro Preca’s fifth and final...
[WATCH] President’s final Republic Day speech: ‘No full democracy if we do not respect human dignity'
Long live the Republic – Marie Louise Coleiro Preca intones her final...
Auditors punch holes in Spanish tuna giant’s Malta operation
Business News
Auditors of Fuentes’s Malta tuna subsidiary say its liabilties with the...
Updated | BirdLife to report magistrate to watchdog over controversial recommendations on trapping
Magistrate acquits man accused of illegal trapping... and sends recommendation...
[WATCH] Dwejra’s Azure Window reimagined into steel structure by Russian
Has nature’s fury lumped us with a new problem…?

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