Court reporter Matthew Agius is a Legal Procurator and Commissioner for Oaths. Prior to reading Law at the University of Malta, Matthew served in the British Army.

High ranking Enemalta official cleared of misappropriation, fraud
Court & Police
Court decided entire case had been structured upon conjecture and distorted...
Man admits to using another man's passport, claims it was a 'genuine mistake'
Court & Police
The man's lawyer said the accused had accidentally taken his...
Former Libyan official denies using false passport
Court & Police
The former Libyan government official was caught in possession of what appeared...
Pickpocket gang nabbed by undercover police
Court & Police
The trio were charged with stealing a wallet containing cash, documents and...
Driver who caused police station fracas remanded in custody
Court & Police
The man threatened six police officers, spat on one, and threatened two...
Man denies Paceville rape charge
Court & Police
Police found the woman crying in the car park of what used to be the Axis...
Peeping tom who filmed flatmate washing herself gets suspended sentence
Court & Police
The 26-year-old English language student admitted the charges and apologised...
Scalded hospital worker gets €19,000 in damages
Court & Police
The woman, a carer who was employed by a private contractor, suffered severe...
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