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More than 7,000 Gozitans working in Malta
The Association of Gozitan Employees in Malta met with MEP Alfred Sant,...
Oz & Jay: We're probably the most brutally honest breakfast jocks out there
Q & A
Laurel & Hardy, Cheech & Chong, Fry & Laurie, Minnie &...
Alleged phone snatcher denied bail
Court & Police
The man snatched the phone from the hands of a young girl while she was waiting...
[WATCH] Update 2 | Magistrate leads inspection of MV Lifeline
Court & Police
The experts have surveyed the ship and its computers as part of proceedings...
MDA in agreement with quarry owners to open sites for construction waste
As a temporary solution, The Malta Development Association came to an agreement...
Kris Micallef: It's okay to be yourself and embrace individuality
Q & A
With five international exhibitions under his belt, Kris Micallef’s...
[WATCH] Turtle nesting’s turbulent Malta history
Last week, a Loggerhead turtle laid eggs at Gnejna Bay, only the second time in...
Ben Camille: I’m learning to deal with the negative remarks about me on social media
Q & A
From playing a leading role in Strada Stretta, to having his own reality show,...

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