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[WATCH] The song you’ll hear all summer: Official World Cup anthem released
Remember this as the first time you hear the song, because you'll soon be...
Alfred Sant contests EC statement that Malta is affected by large share of non-performing loans
Concern about non-performing bank loans has not featured in Malta’s...
Malta International Airport signs new collective agreement with GWU and UHM
Business News
The agreement will cover the period between 1 January 2018 and 31 December...
Benna says government specifically requested individual straws with free milk scheme
The free milk scheme was a public tender issued by the government, in which...
[WATCH] Demolition of Marsa Power Station complete
Enemalta plc published a timelapse video of the entire dismantling and...
Għargħur primary school ditches straws in free milk scheme
The State primary school chose to stop distributing the single-use straws,...
eNGO calls on authorities to stop 'senselessly' destroying trees
The Luqa roads project will see the destruction of more than 500 trees
Mark Zuckerberg appears before European Parliament
The meeting comes in the same week that the EU's General Data...
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