Kurt Sansone is Online Editor of www.maltatoday.com.mt. He was formerly deputy editor of MaltaToday on Sunday and later editor of Illum, before joining The Times of Malta.

In new book on Muscat’s decade as PL leader, PM talks about Egrant saga
The answers to the questions on the Egrant saga reflect the complete denial of...
Updated | Irish anti-abortion campaign concedes defeat, as exit polls show clear pro-choice win
Exit polls by The Irish Times and RTÉ indicates that around 69% of...
[WATCH] ‘Owl’-righty then! Buskett gets ready for the return of the barbaġann
Barn owls were driven into extinction from Malta almost four decades ago but...
Victoria mayor Samuel Azzopardi calls it a day
In an announcement on his Facebook, Victoria’s Nationalist Party mayor...
Malta is not alone: UN report shows childhood obesity highest in South European countries
Approximately one in five boys are obese in Malta, Italy, Cyprus, Spain, Greece...
Daphne Caruana Galizia’s laptops and hard drives handed over to German police
Family representatives of the slain journalist handed over the electronic...
PN's Karol Aquilina joins thousands in filing formal objection to db project on ITS land
Nationalist Party MP Karol Aquilina has formally objected to the large project...
Mater Dei dispute waiver clause in 2009 agreement exposed Malta 'to significant risks' - NAO
The National Audit Office has concluded a three-year investigation into the...
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