George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

A budget proposal: reduce VAT on dining
Business Comment
The PKF model clearly shows that forfeited VAT revenue is easily recouped by...
Hitting a $100 per barrel – a new interest in oil exploration | PKF Malta
Business Comment
A successful discovery will trailblaze a bright future for a new servicing...
Cryptocurrencies – are they a wolf in sheep’s clothing? | PKF Malta
Business Comment
Blockchain is an innovative platform – it is distributed over a...
Sweden on its way to court migrant iGaming operators | PKF Malta
Business Comment
Expect a congregation of Swedish girls at  Lotteri-inspektion, dressed in...
A curse of money laundering hobgoblins hit Latvian banks | PKF Malta
Business Comment
Latvia is currently awash with allegations of money laundering and corruption...
Mirror, mirror on the wall, which coin is the fairest one of all?
Business Comment
Malta is set to solidify its reputation as a world leader in innovation
PKF study shows eating out is getting expensive | PKF Malta
Business Comment
Where in the EU can you eat at the cheapest restaurant? The trophy goes to...
Demystifying decentralised autonomous organisations | PKF Malta
Business Comment
The uses for DAOs with their unique infrastructure are remarkable in scope

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