George M.

George Mangion is a partner in PKF, an audit and business advisory firm

Oil price approaching $100 …Why not build an oil and gas services hub? | PKF Malta
Business Comment
ostalgically, looking back more than sixty years ago one recalls how the...
Implementing the ‘Laffer curve’ to save Italy’s economy | PKF Malta
Business Comment
Even though the new coalition urges radical economic reforms to boost the...
Fintech, Blockchain and Bitcoin – three ugly sisters | PKF Malta
Business Comment
It goes without saying, the “enfant terrible” that is Blockchain...
Malta passport scheme: Do not rock the boat | PKF Malta
Business Comment
Research has shown that countries which offer instant residence or citizenship...
Money laundering – Latvia’s recent banking scandal | PKF Malta
Business Comment
Challenged by a number of local newspapers to reveal progress on spectacular...
Why visit Rotterdam Innovation Centre? | PKF Malta
Business Comment
The visit to Rotterdam commenced this week and is a sequel to an event...
Wanted - a dynamic push to upgrade our industrial ecosystem | PKF Malta
Business Comment
Look around you and rating agencies tell us our credit ranking is high and it...
A national surplus merits a feel-good factor | PKF Malta
Business Comment
PKF as part of its corporate social responsibility has snubbed all negation of...
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