David Hudson is a staff reporter

Taking the high road: how big is the case to stop medical cannabis patients from driving?
If doctors take away driving licences from medical marijuana patients, would...
Balluta Bay closed after storm disrupts sandy beach
The newly nourished sandy beach at Balluta Bay was battered...
Teacher shortage in Maths and Maltese leads to heavier workload and union directives
Ahead of the school year, the Union of Professional Educators issued directives...
Two miss friend’s wedding after altercation with police
Court & Police
Two young men were charged with disturbing the public peace and threatening the...
Man caught with pistol at Malta International Airport given suspended sentence
Court & Police
A 60-year-old man caught with a firearm at the airport pleaded guilty but...
‘New expressions of solidarity’ needed to target poverty, archbishop says
As Malta celebrates Independence Day, Archbishop Charles Scicluna calls for...
Motorist, 21, seriously injured in collision
Court & Police
A 21-year old driver lost control of his car and crashed into a parked...
Adrian Delia reminisces on the PN's better times in government
In the mass meeting concluding the Nationalist Party's Independence Day...

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